FPI Congratulates the ASISA Foundation

Johannesburg: In support of the brilliant work done by the ASISA Foundation under the leadership of Ruth Benjamin-Swales and an unwavering commitment to promoting Financial Planning for All, the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa (FPI) has been working in partnership with the ASISA Foundation since 2017, with the shared goal of making financial planning an integral part of every South African’s life.

Taking our collaboration to new heights, FPI and the ASISA Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in 2022, formalising our alliance and amplifying our joint efforts in supporting the ASISA Foundation’s mission to deliver impactful and objective financial literacy and micro-enterprise development programs to South Africa’s most vulnerable communities.

The ASISA Foundation, established in 2012 by ASISA, has already made significant strides in this domain, having successfully trained over 80,000 beneficiaries through a range of programs. The foundation’s strategic objective as an industry body is to develop, implement, and refine relevant financial education initiatives that bring about a positive and sustainable impact on South African society.

Aligned with the vision of the Financial Planning Institute, which aims to provide financial planning and advice for all, FPI has been actively involved in extending financial consumer education to South Africans, synergising with the ASISA Foundation’s ongoing efforts. All educational information and advice offered by FPI volunteers during these programmes is done so independently, objectively and free of charge.

In the spirit of collaboration, FPI supports the ASISA Foundation through various initiatives, including:

  • Radio Interviews: FPI Financial Planners have participated in the ASISA WageWise program and the L+earn program, providing valuable insights through radio interviews.
  • One-on-One Consultations: Attendees of ASISA WageWise workshops have been offered one-on-one financial advice consultations with FPI Financial Planners.
  • Financial Workshops: FPI Financial Planners have conducted informative financial discussion workshops for young adults in tertiary education as part of the ASISA L+earn program, covering topics such as savings, investments, budgeting, and financial planning for different life stages.
  • Micro Business Support: FPI Financial Planners have offered financial guidance to micro business owners participating in the ASISA Flame program, covering topics such as financial goal setting, credit management, and succession planning.

The joint endeavours of the FPI and the ASISA Foundation are testament to our dedication to fostering financial planning for all South Africans and to deliver impactful and objective financial education to more South Africans, creating a brighter and more financially secure future for the nation.

For more information on the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa and the ASISA Foundation, please visit www.fpi.co.za and www.asisa.org.za/foundation/.



By the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa

Financial Planning and advice for all.

The Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa is the only institution in South Africa to offer the FSA™, RFP™ and internationally recognised certification, and has been approved by the South African Revenue Service (SARS) as a Recognised Controlling Body (RCB). For more information on how to obtain a professional designation, e-mail businessdevelopment@fpi.co.za or call +27 (11) 470 6000.

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