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In addition to the Education and Experience requirements, candidates pursuing certification will need to successfully complete a designation-specific Professional Competency Examination (PCE). This examination is designed to evaluate your ability to apply financial planning knowledge to real-life scenarios, ensuring that you possess the practical skills necessary for the role.

Prospective CFP® certificants have the flexibility to enroll for the CFP® PCE at any time after successfully completing an approved qualification, based on the availability of examination dates. Alternatively, candidates may qualify for enrollment in the CFP® PCE through the Challenge Examination criteria, provided they meet the requirements outlined in the formal application process.

For prospective RFP® and FSA® candidates, access to register for the respective examinations will be granted upon approval of their relevant underlying qualifications corresponding to the designation sought.

The Professional Competency examinations are currently conducted online three times a year, presented in the format of practical case studies. This allows candidates to demonstrate their ability to apply financial planning concepts in real-world scenarios.

To obtain more information about the relevant examination for your chosen designation, please click on relevant examination link. This will provide you with comprehensive details and guidance to help you prepare effectively for the examination.

By successfully completing the Professional Competency Examination, you will demonstrate your competence in the field of financial planning, further validating your readiness to serve clients with excellence.

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