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Veritas Wealth is an independent, fee-based financial planning company focused on managing wealth.

We believe in a ‘lifestyle’ approach to financial planning, as financial planning is more often far more personal than it is financial.

We are not incentivised to favour some products over others or employed by providers to sell their products. As independent advisers, we remain objective and committed to recommending products that are best suited to our clients.



We assist people who want to take responsibility for their lifestyle but do not have the time, knowledge or inclination to manage their own financial affairs. They are looking for a partner who will hold them accountable and guide them.



We believe in a “lifestyle” approach to financial planning, which aims to move clients beyond the traditional notions of wealth, such as assets and net worth, toward genuine prosperity – when your finances line up with what is really important to you, your goals and values.

We provide our clients with understanding, knowledge and insight to make informed decisions that support the life they want to lead, recognising that each client has unique needs, which may also change over time. We remain committed to deliver advice in a simple and clear manner that is easy to understand.



Our name, Veritas, means ‘truth’ in Latin and this captures the essence of what drives us. Competence and character build trust and trust is at the core of everything we do.  All client-facing financial planners are CFP, FPI accredited professionals and the entire Veritas team is driven by our core values of integrity, prudence and delivery.



Veritas Wealth is fee based.

We charge an ongoing fee based on AUM

We also charge a once off financial planning fee when taking on a client. We only earn commissions on risk business



Veritas Wealth offers a holistic financial planning service to cover all financial needs.

Our strengths are in investment advice (local and offshore), retirement planning, succession planning, estate and tax planning.

We cover risk planning for individuals, structuring of Wills, setting up and administering of Trusts.

We also advise on business structures and tax consequences of emigration.



Veritas Wealth is committed to transforming the financial services industry. We currently employ two interns through ASISA and the FPI. We are working towards their future development and growth within the industry and our intention is to prepare them so that they are client facing in the next two years.

We undertake pro bono work, inside and out of the financial industry. In addition to taking an active role in financial literacy via the FPI’s annual financial planning week by offering a series of events geared towards financially empowering young people, we are also involved with activities and fund raising initiatives, outside of our industry. At present our core focus is working towards assisting in the development and empowerment of young South Africans in the Western Cape.

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