Young Financial Planners Organisation (YFPO)

Advance, promote the pre-eminence and status of Young Financial Planning Professionals”



What is the YFPO?:

The Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa (FPI) has launched the Young Financial Planners Organisation (YFPO), a member led FPI community, as part of its vision to make professional financial planning available to all South Africans. YFPO, which is actively seeking under-45s who work as – or aspire to work as – financial planners, is about uniting and inspiring the young generation of CFP® Professionals by bringing together FPI Student, Candidate and Professional Members under the age of 45 in the spirit of collective improvement. The YFPO’s overarching purpose is to professionalise financial planning in South Africa, while at the same time championing diversity and inclusion in the industry at all phases of the professional journey. While the organisation is aimed at under-45s, CFP® professionals who join before this age can elect to remain involved as veterans and mentors.



  • Support the FPI in promoting the Financial Planning Profession
  • Continue FPI’s efforts to network FPI members
  • Increase the number of young professionals
  • Supporting the younger financial planners entering the profession
  • Lead diversity and inclusion in the financial planning profession




  • Excellence in everything that we set out to do

Diversity and Inclusion:

  • Diversity and inclusion is central to everything that we do

Client First:

  • Acting in the best interest of our clients


  • Always be honest, consistent and transparent


  • Treat others how we would like to be treated


  • Taking pride in what we deliver


YFPO Community:

This is YOUR SPACE to share your hopes, challenges, successes, and in doing so hope to inspire and motivate the community. We look forward to the many hours of discussions, problems to be solved and successes to be celebrated here.


Who can join the Community?:

  • CFP® professionals under the age of 45:

Assist the FPI to promote the professional standard for Financial Planners by promoting holistic and professional financial planning. To provide high quality and professional thought leadership by building an active community through participation and engagement from members. Align members with mentors and encourage members to be mentors.


  • Students and Educational Providers :

Provide support to the youth considering a career in financial planning and present Financial Planning as an attractive career option. Educate students on the benefits of a career in Financial Planning.


  • FSA™, RFP™ professionals under the age of 45:

Encourage uptake in the FSA™ and RFP™  professionals by equipping young qualified financial planners with collateral to practice as a successful financial planner and increase the number of conversions to the CFP® designation. Support candidates and encourage Veteran participation.


  • Corporate Partners and Consumers:

Employers of Financial Planners younger than the age of 45 in public companies, private practices and consumers of financial planning.



If you are passionate about the Financial Planning Profession get in touch with us:

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