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The FSA™ Professional Competency Examination (PCE) is a comprehensive assessment conducted through a four-hour case study examination. This examination is meticulously designed to evaluate your knowledge, abilities, and practical skills in the dynamic field of financial advice, presenting you with real-life scenarios that test your competency.

To ensure convenience and flexibility, the PCE is conducted online through a secure proctoring platform. This means you can comfortably sit for the examination from your home or office, with FPI remotely monitoring your progress to maintain the integrity of the assessment process.

To achieve competency in the FSA™ PCE, you must obtain a minimum overall score of 60% for the case study.

Registrations for the upcoming FSA™ Professional Competency Examination is currently open. As a candidate member of FPI, you can conveniently register online and apply to sit for the examination through the member portal. The available examination dates are as follows:


    03 October 2024


To register for your exams please contact us

Please note that registrations will close two weeks before the examination date. No new registrations or deferrals will be considered after this deadline.

For the year 2024, the examination fees for the PCE BOARD ASSESSMENTS (FSA™) – R 2,155.00 (VAT included).

Once registered and the examination fee is paid, candidates will gain access to the PCE support portal. This portal provides a wealth of preparation material, including relevant FPI regulations and instructions, previous exam papers with suggested answers, access to live and recorded training webinars, and a PCE forum where candidates can seek assistance by posting questions.

In addition to the material in the PCE support portal and PCE community, candidates are advised to consult the following prescribed learning resources:

  • Fundamentals of Financial Planning Handbook (latest version). This text can be purchased from www.store.lexisnexis.co.za.

Employers of candidates may explore the option of funding the examination through INSETA. They can contact INSETA at 011 381 8900 or email workerprogrammes@inseta.org.za for further information on funding opportunities.

For any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at certification@fpi.co.za or call us at 011 470 6000. We are here to support you throughout your certification journey.

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