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The ethics requirement is a crucial milestone on your journey towards CFP® certification, signifying your unwavering commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards in the realm of financial planning and advice. As an aspiring professional member of FPI, you must dedicate yourself to acting in the best interests of your clients at all times when providing financial advice, in accordance with FPI’s prescribed ethical principles.

In addition to embracing these elevated ethical standards, applicants are required to disclose any civil, criminal, or disciplinary actions that may have been taken against them within the five years preceding their certification application. FPI places great emphasis on the professionalism and character of its members, prioritising their adherence to ethical conduct and integrity.

We take immense pride in the professionalism exhibited by our members. To ensure accountability, FPI encourages consumers to file a complaint if they believe that one of our members has failed to comply with our Code of Ethics and Practice Standards. Such complaints may trigger a disciplinary process, during which FPI reserves the right to suspend or terminate the membership of the defaulting member, and in certain cases, impose fines.

To familiarise yourself with the FPI Code of Ethics and Practice Standards, click HERE. These standards serve as a guiding compass, ensuring that as a certified professional, you consistently act in the best interests of your clients and maintain the highest level of integrity.

By embracing ethical excellence, you’ll earn the trust and confidence of your clients, solidifying your position as a reputable and principled financial planning professional.

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