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Division / Department: Operations | Group Shared Services

Job Title: Compliance Administrator

Date: 10 May 2024

Main Purpose of Job
To provide administrative support to the internal compliance team, ensuring that all compliance-related activities are carried out accurately and efficiently, as well as working closely with all departments to ensure legal compliance regarding specific laws.

Direct Reporting Line: Head of Compliance

Direct / Indirect reports to this position


Required Experience
2-3 years of experience in an administrative role with specific focus in a FAIS compliance environment.

Required Education
Relevant degree or tertiary risk/legal/or compliance related qualification from a reputable institution & RE5 (advantageous)

Professional registration (if applicable)

Computer Literacy
MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint, or other industry related packages

Personal profile and competencies
Strong organizational skills, adept at managing multiple tasks and priorities. Attention to detail, proficient with complex information. Tech-savvy proficiency Excellent written and verbal communication skills for effective interaction across all departments Ability to maintain confidentiality and handle sensitive information discreetly


Key Result Area:

1.  Administration and record keeping

a. Assist in the preparation of compliance-related documents, such as policies and procedures, risk assessments, templates and audit reports

b. Ensure that all compliance-related records and registers are properly maintained and filed.

c. Assist with coordination and completion of compliance remediation and projects.


2.  Research, Training and development

a. Assist in the development and implementation of compliance training programs for employees.

b. Conduct research and analysis on compliance-related topics, and present findings to the compliance team


Kindly submit your CV to by 10 May 2024.

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