2024 Annual Refresher

This Online Workshop took place on 27 March 2024 and the recording is available until 26 February 2025 for those who couldn’t make the live session.

The FPI has partnered with Sentio for a day filled with inspiring speakers, engaging discussions, and valuable networking opportunities. 2024 Annual Refresher promises to be a unique gathering of industry experts, thought leaders, and like-minded individuals passionate about Financial Planning.


Errol Meyer,CFP® will kick of the session and discuss the following:

Taxation Insights: Latest developments in trusts and loan accounts by explore the intricacies of taxes confined within trusts together with gaining insights into effective flow-through principles for optimal tax management. A synopsis of tax changes with a concise overview of key tax changes shaping the financial planning landscape, this session will include a practical scenario planning for capital gains tax by reviewing Buy and Sell structures for capital gains tax.

Matrimonial Regimes Unveiled: A Court’s Discretion in Asset Division: Understand the pivotal role of a court’s discretion in asset division. Explore its relevance to estate and financial planning for a comprehensive perspective.

Spousal Agreements and Financial Relevance: Delve into the impact of ante-nuptial agreements. Explore various spousal agreements and understand their significance in the context of financial planning.

Case Law Insights: Errol will delve into crucial Lessons from Case Law emphasize the importance of liquidity calculations in estate planning. Explore lessons in asset valuation and navigating forced sales in deceased estates.


Wessel Oosthuizen, CFP® will follow with:

Psychology of Financial Planning: Examining client behaviour, attitudes, and financial literacy in relation to their impact on financial planning. Focusing on understanding how psychological factors influence financial decision-making.

Case Law Insights: Wessel will provide insights into recent court cases related to wills, trusts, and succession, offering valuable lessons and considerations for financial planning.

Matrimonial Regimes: Exploring the impact of long-term relationships on financial and estate planning. What considerations and strategies related to financial planning within the context of marriage or committed partnerships.

Retirement Planning: Emphasis on the importance of the retirement annuity withdrawal rate. Discussing sequential risk and its relevance in retirement planning, focusing on managing risks associated with the order and timing of withdrawals during retirement.

Practice Management and Ethics: Find your niche as a financial planning professional. Explore forces reshaping the profession, discussing fundamental changes in how financial planning professionals work and adapt to evolving industry dynamics.

Imtiaz Suliman, CFA from Sentio will discuss Shari’ah Investing: Lifting The Veil

Lara Warburton, CFP® topic of T and COFI discusses during periods of uncertainty, it is crucial for financial planners to concentrate on aspects within our control. Trust plays a pivotal role in the relationship between planners and clients, making the T-Factor essential for fostering and overseeing these connections. Anticipating the upcoming regulatory change, the COFI Bill, is imperative as it is expected to influence our practices. Adequate preparation will facilitate a smoother transition during this period of change.

Andrew Bradley, CFP® Ensuring Your Financial Planning Practice Is Sustainable: This session will delve into understanding the changing environment in technology, demographics, consumerism, regulations, economies of scale, and investment markets. How the changing landscape requires us to evolve in how we manage our clients and practices. How to respond and thrive

Lelané Bezuidenhout, CFP® Regulatory Update: This session will focus on the regulatory changes in the past 12 months as well as what is expected in the near future.

Annual Refresher 2023 Highlights

Workshop Details

Recording available to view until: 26 February 2025
CPD hours: 6.5 Verifiable CPD hours (1 Ethics | 1 General | 4.5 Technical)


Member: R 955.00

Non-Member: R 1 235.00

Bulk Bookings: R995.00 (Bulk booking requires 10 booked at once)


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