2023 Tax Planning Workshop

In the recent years we have seen the South African Revenue Services (SARS) make significant changes to various laws that have a direct impact on financial planning.

The 2023 Tax Workshop will delve into various legislations that speak to these laws and provide you with insight and guidance on how you can better serve your clients.

The topics that will be covered are:

· Section 42 Transfers

· Emigration and Tax

· Tax Ombud Mandate


More Information on Topics and Speakers


Section 42 Transfers – Navigating Tax Implications

Delve into the realm of Section 42 transfers with expert speaker Darren Britz. Unpacking the technical nuances, Darren illuminates the complexities of this area while offering a comprehensive understanding hereof. Discover the mechanics, benefits, and tax implications of Section 42 transfers as illustrated through practical examples. The session showcases real-life cases of advisors employing this strategy for local and offshore company asset restructuring. Gain insights to assess the pros and cons, of considering capital gains tax, and enhance your comprehension of this intricate method.


Emigration’s Tax Impact

Martin Bezuidenhout helps you to navigate the topic of emigration and its associated tax consequences. Emigration involves intricate processes to be undertaken with SARS, entailing multifaceted and often-missed tax considerations. Obtain clarity on the contrasts between temporary and permanent emigration, which is essential for well-informed decision-making. An accomplished expert, Martin Bezuidenhout, will delve comprehensively into the tax facets of relocating from South Africa and the emigration procedures. Elevate your grasp of emigration complexities and ensure conformity with tax and exchange control regulations through this empowering session.


Tax Ombud Mandate

The office of the Tax Ombud will cover the following topics

· Mandate of the office of the Tax Ombud

· Types of complaints the Tax Ombud reviews

· Lodging complaints – how can estate planners benefit from engagements with the OTO

· Complaints handled by the OTO relating to estate.

· Systemic issues identified by the OTO; and

· Accepted and rejected complaints – how to avoid making mistakes.


Talitha Muade

Talitha Muade

Talitha is a Senior Manager Operations at Office of The Tax Ombud who who has over 15 years’ experience in management at government departments and chapter 9 institution, and also has experience in the private sector. She is a senior manager who is well versed with all aspects of general management, financial management, project management and operations management. Talitha’s academic background includes a BCom: Business Management and Industrial Psychology, Management Development Programme, MBA: Operations and Decision Management

Martin Bezuidenhout

Martin Bezuidenhout

Martin holds a BCom Law degree and LLB degree from North West University and is an admitted Attorney and Conveyancer of the High Court of South Africa. Martin forms part of the Expatriate Tax team at Tax Consulting SA as an Expatriate Tax Attorney, where he assists clients with intricate tax residency matters in particular the application of Section 10, and the cessation of tax residency. Martin recently represented Tax Consulting SA at the SAIT Tax Indaba, where he sat on a panel that was discussing “Ordinary emigration and taxing grey hairs”

Darren Britz

Darren Britz

Darren is a Partner and the Head of Tax Legal at Tax Consulting SA. He is an admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa, specializing in South African tax with a focus on cross-border tax advisory and implementation for multi-national companies and high-net worth individuals.

Micaela Paschini

Micaela Paschini

Micaela Paschini is an Admitted Attorney of the High Court of South Africa and part of the legal team at Tax Consulting SA. As part of the tax legal team, Micaela is currently well versed in commercial, tax and related technical areas.

Workshop Details

Recording available to view until:  27 September 2024
CPD hours: 3 Technical Verifiable CPD hours


FPI – designated members – (CFP®, RFP™, FSA™)

R 450.00 (inclusive of vat) per individual

FPI – non-members

R 550.00 (inclusive of vat) per individual

Bulk Bookings

R 450.00 (inclusive of vat) per individual – Bulk booking requires 10 booked at once.

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